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The Spring 2015 Jocks & Nerds issue is a 2 cover collectors special. Both editions feature DJ Justin Robertson on a full-bleed black and white covers. The covers are photographed by Dean Chalkley, one is of Robertson semi obscured in a creeper plant wearing paint splattered overalls & the other is shot in the Deadstock 33s producer's record room at home. When required, Complete Ltd retouch and colour manage the front covers of Jocks & Nerds magazine, including this season's double issue.


Complete Ltd has worked on various font covers of men's lifestyle quarterly Jocks & Ners magazine since it's inception in 2011.


Lifestyle men's magazine Jocks & Nerds, is best known for it's strong and journalistic approach and stunning photography. The quarterly publication needed to work with a team that could retain the unique beauty of each and every image from layout to print. We took on the responsibility for colour correcting images in many of their issue, boasting a sharp eye and innate sense of care to detail. Whether part of an editorial or an advertisement we treat and prepared for print individually so that subject, clothing and details are shown to their best potential.