Tell us about your favourite campaign or project you have worked on and briefly what made it so special One of my favourite campaigns I have worked on was for Hello Kitty x ASOS which was quite surreal. The collection was really cute and we got to shoot it at Eaton House (the pink palace in Essex) that is filled with all kinds of pink everything! It was also really bizarre styling a 7ft Hello Kitty along with a few of her (human) friends. The collection was a success and sold out, it was also featured on Hypebae.
Rebecca Goldsworthy, Freelance Stylist
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What inspires you Every aspect of the series Euphoria, the costume and make up design is just spot on noughties nostalgia. Also casting is brilliant, Alexa Demie as Maddie is the perfect bitch. Labrinth and Zendaya – All For Us in the last episode is mind blowing!
Who would play you in a Hollywood film Post Grease 2 pre Scarface Michelle Pfieffer would be GOALS!
Where do you mostly seek inspiration People watching, music, TV, Film, Books
And your favourite musical artist I cant stop listening to Orville Peck’s album Pony at the moment. He’s a Toronto based masked cowboy who’s songs are a perfect mix of old school country and early rock n roll. Fleetwood Mac are my favourite of all time though!
Rebecca Goldsworthy, Freelance Stylist
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Orville Peck

And your favourite film? I love a tragic love story so it has to be True Romance. Alabama Worley is iconic and the costume design is unreal, the soundtrack gives me goosebumps, I could go on and on.
Rebecca Goldsworthy, Freelance Stylist
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Debbie Harry

Name contemporary or historical 4/6 of the best dinner companions Stevie Nicks. Debbie Harry. Louis Theroux. Phoebe Waller Bridge
And where would you go and what would you eat? Any really good French brasserie preferably in Paris – you just can’t go wrong.