All Smoke and No Mirrors for Jute Magazine

All Smoke and No Mirrors for Jute Magazine

Complete Ltd performed the retouching and colour management for the new Icelandic set, swimwear webitorial for Jute Magazine.

For a photographer capturing the spirit of Iceland is no easy task. As Photographer Heather Favell discovered during a photoshoot for a webitorial for Jute Magazine.


Heather’s friend and local producer Olafur Schram, who she claims ‘knows Iceland like no other Viking!’ introduced her to a forgotten, derelict, hot swimming pool which seemed like an ideal place to shoot the Jute webitorial.


There were however many challenges to be overcome. The facilities were basic, only a decaying changing room and water too hot to dip your feet in. Yet the team were shooting the images in freezing temperatures miles away from everyday services.


As Heather remembers “On the day we arrived following a very bumpy ride through rivers and across rough terrain it started to snow and the temperature plummeted. The poor model although Icelandic was literally blue and I wasn’t sure she would make it through the day!”


The team were also very aware of the time pressures too, as in spite of the pool’s remote location it is soon to be developed into a luxury spa.


Art Director Liz Sheppard, came together with Stylist, Maria Serra and Hair and Make Up Artist Helen Walsh to record local Icelandic Model Liv Benediktsdóttir superbly playing around the hot springs. Despite the tough conditions, the team produced a stunning shoot capturing a place we would want to visit in a Missoni beach dress, but maybe a coat too!


Heather said : “I love the wildness and adventure of an Iceland trip. Your skin tingles from the cold clean air and hot sulphurous water and you will always return feeling invigorated and happy inside.”


The post production management of the shoot might not have been undertaken in such challenging conditions - Complete’s warm and cosy London offices - but it did still present the retouching team with some significant obstacles to overcome.


Complete’s team loved working with the vivid images Heather captured, especially her naturalistic shooting style. "The pictures were a joy to work with, we really had a great time using our retouching techniques to bring out their natural ambience".


Overall though the re-touching process was driven by a desire to highlight the incredible beauty of the photographer’s original images. It is an objective that the Complete team are very confident they have achieved.


Ultimately though everyone from photographer Heather, through to the on location team and Complete’s retouching experts are hugely proud of a shoot that captures an incredible vista in a country that as anyone who has ever visited knows very well, boasts many of them.


The full editorial can be found here.